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Ahhhh rain!  What is this mysterious substance falling from the heavens?  If you dont live in TX, we haven’t gotten rain in a hot minute and probably wont see it again til oh say august.  Should make for some lovely humidity.

Did i tell you that yesterdays wod was one of my favorites?  Except for the part where my ipod died.  That was not so fun.  Made some blueberry/dark chocolate pumpkin loaf last night and except for the fact that it tasted nothing like pumpkin, it was pretty frikin good.  On a non-related note, I think I could get used to starting my week on a Tuesday.

Ocean In The Way Wednesday 05/30/2012


Work up to a heavy single, then
5 sets of 1 rep @ 95% of heavy single

After each set of Jerk,
Max Effort Ring Rows


Overhead Squat (75/45)
Toes to bar

Coaches Notes

Max effort means as many reps as you can do with sound technique and full range of motion. Once one or the other is no longer maintainable, stop. The goal for today’s workout is to accomplish around 10 reps. If you are more than 4-5 reps in either direction, scale accordingly.


So no real mishaps in the kitchen yesterday….surprisingly.  I managed to cook salmon without burning it or setting the place on fire which is a real success in my book.  I have my “crossfit” style class today…pondering the ways to torture them…

Anyways, im super thankful that Monday is a holiday.  Not that i will most likely do anything unless I somehow manage to acquire a boat between now and then.  ]Donations are accepted.  I might even write you a thank you note.

wod: (not super excited about the deadlifts….not my forte)

Live To Tell The Tale

Wednesday 05/23/2012

5 Rounds

10 Deadlifts (245/165)
40 Double Unders

Coaches Notes

Pretty simple advice today. Pay more attention to your technique when lowering your deadlifts. It is easy to focus only on the concentric portion of the movement. During workouts like today’s it is important that we don’t get sloppy and relax when lowering the bar to the ground. Remember to break at the hips first, not the knees. As you begin bending at the hips, keep the chest facing forward and let the bar drag down your quads. The closer the bar is when you lower the weight, the less strain on the lower back. Once the bar gets to about knee level, then start bending the knees till the bar hits the ground.

So i guess ill start off by listing all my fails from yesterday

  1. Bought cracked eggs.
  2. Bought moldy strawberries.  extra fiber i guess
  3. Made a sauce with eggs.  proceeded to accidentally scramble the eggs.  gross.  turns out scrambled eggs over pasta (spaghetti squash) isnt so appetizing

Went to bed by 8p which NEVER happens.  I’m a night person so its only fitting I wake up at 4am.

Subbed yesterdays wod for 5 rounds of 21 burpees and 21 walking overhead plate lunges (25lb) if anyone cares.  and without further ado heres today’s (super happy i get to do burpees again).


5 Sets of 2 (85% of max)
5 Turkish Get-ups (per side) in between each set

As many reps as possible in 12 minutes

21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
15 Wall ball (20/14)
9 Burpees

What a long weekend.  So many events so little time.  So to spare you the boredom, I’ll just give you the highlights…

  1. I ate more crawfish than is probably safe for human consumption
  2. Sorry got distracted by the 90s on 9 station that is on…love you Sheryl Crow
  3. Went to the fastest graduation ever…thanks amberton
  4. Ate more crawfish flavored sausage than is probably safe for human consumption
  5. Saw the scariest “cleaning” ever in a nail salon
  6. Paleo pretty much went out the door
  7. Was told that a guy felt “more of a friend vibe”. fantastic.
  8. Had some stupid amazing nanner pudding

Oh well.  Here’s the wod:


3 Rounds for Time:
30 Squat Cleans (95/65)
30 Pullups
Run 800m

So I did it.  I started a blog. *SMH* (Isn’t that what all the cool kids say?)

So I started paleo (if you dont know ask google) a couple weeks ago and its expensive and time consuming.  The food is good however.  I’m borderline obsessed with and the girl who writes it.  Check it out for a good laugh and awesome recipes.

Still in disbelief that ive resorted to blogging.  Is that an official verb?  I’ll assume so.

Totally non related, I’ve discovered I’m completely technologically challenged.  Had to ask the difference between wi fi and internet the other day and my phone is roughly the size of a brick.  Oh well, se la vie (no idea if thats how you spell that).

I’m gonna assume no one is reading this but if you are, thanks for humoring me.  And now to the wod:

“Shauna” As quickly as possible
Buy in: 400m Run
4 Rounds
5 Snatches
20 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
30 Jumping Lunges
Cash out: 100 Double Unders