So I did it.  I started a blog. *SMH* (Isn’t that what all the cool kids say?)

So I started paleo (if you dont know ask google) a couple weeks ago and its expensive and time consuming.  The food is good however.  I’m borderline obsessed with and the girl who writes it.  Check it out for a good laugh and awesome recipes.

Still in disbelief that ive resorted to blogging.  Is that an official verb?  I’ll assume so.

Totally non related, I’ve discovered I’m completely technologically challenged.  Had to ask the difference between wi fi and internet the other day and my phone is roughly the size of a brick.  Oh well, se la vie (no idea if thats how you spell that).

I’m gonna assume no one is reading this but if you are, thanks for humoring me.  And now to the wod:

“Shauna” As quickly as possible
Buy in: 400m Run
4 Rounds
5 Snatches
20 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
30 Jumping Lunges
Cash out: 100 Double Unders