Ahhhh rain!  What is this mysterious substance falling from the heavens?  If you dont live in TX, we haven’t gotten rain in a hot minute and probably wont see it again til oh say august.  Should make for some lovely humidity.

Did i tell you that yesterdays wod was one of my favorites?  Except for the part where my ipod died.  That was not so fun.  Made some blueberry/dark chocolate pumpkin loaf last night and except for the fact that it tasted nothing like pumpkin, it was pretty frikin good.  On a non-related note, I think I could get used to starting my week on a Tuesday.

Ocean In The Way Wednesday 05/30/2012


Work up to a heavy single, then
5 sets of 1 rep @ 95% of heavy single

After each set of Jerk,
Max Effort Ring Rows


Overhead Squat (75/45)
Toes to bar

Coaches Notes

Max effort means as many reps as you can do with sound technique and full range of motion. Once one or the other is no longer maintainable, stop. The goal for today’s workout is to accomplish around 10 reps. If you are more than 4-5 reps in either direction, scale accordingly.