the fairly uneventful events of a 20 something

Welcome to Monday!

Monday was a blur….but here is the lunch workout—>

Warmup x 3:

10 hand release pushups

50 mountain climbers

10 push press

30 bicycle crunches


5 rounds of:

10 chin-ups

10 wall ball

10 decline pushups

10 each side knee to elbow plank

30 sec. wall sit

1 min jump rope


Friday fun and recipe

Hey kids!  So sorry I’ve been slacking.  I tried another new recipe from  That Nancy knows what she’s doing over there.  I made this Chicken Thai Peanut soup and it is pretty delightful.

Friday’s workout looked like such:

Dealth By Burpee:

Do 1 burpee minute 1, 2 burpees minute 2, etc until you can no long complete the required amount of burpees in the time you have.  (If you go out before minute 10, start the ladder back at 1 and go again until the 20 min. mark).

Rest 5 minutes after being out.  Then:

12-10-8-6-4 Toe to bar or v-ups

6-8-10-12-14 Push press


It.  was.  a.  doozy.

Holy Arms!

The sun came out and the week is halfway over!  Hooray!

Warmup x 2:

20 mountain climbers (each leg)

10 alternating band bicep curls

10 superman back extensions

12 hand release pushups




Seated cable row

Bent over row (underhand grip)

Single arm DB row

Barbell bicep curl

Incline bicep curl with DB’s

Alternating hammer curls

Concentration curls

30 second isolation hold (forearms parallel to the ground)

30 second plank hold

Ready for Summer

So tired of this cold weather.  This is NOT why I live in Texas. 

Warmup x 3: 8 each leg sit down stand ups

8 decline pushups

8 med ball v-ups


Workout x 4:

5 minutes As Many Rounds as Possible of (Rest 2 min. between each round):

20 walking lunges with a KB in each hand

6 toe to bar

15 hand release pushups



Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas


I tried a new recipe last night and it turned out delightful.  The cottage cheese freaked me out a bit, but it tastes pretty spot on.  I added some mushrooms and topped it with some salsa.  Tons of protein and pretty easy to make 🙂

Case of the Mondays

The lunchtime workout for today is as follows:

Warmup x 3:

10 sumo deadlift high pulls with KB

50 mountain climbers

10 bar dips

1 min jump rope


Workout x 5 rounds:

10 burpees

5 deadlifts

15 kb swings

***Rest 1 minute between rounds


On another note, this cold weather business is for the birds…..Come on summer!


Today I have 2 workouts for your viewing pleasure.  Do enjoy…

Warmups x 3:

5 inchworm

30 bicycle crunches

10 air squats

10 push press


1) 8 rounds for time:

15 wall ball

15 hand release pushup

15 straight leg situps

20 unbroken double unders or 60 single unders

2) 4 rounds of 4 min AMRAP with a 2 min break in between rounds:

5 toe to bar

7 box jumps

9 wall ball